Moon Ridge Farm is a 25 acre plus farm that has been in our family for 70 years. It is located in beautiful Blount County, Tennessee in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. We are a small farming operation with two purposes - raising genetically superior and healthy goats for breeding stock and providing commercial meat goats for slaughter.

   Out our back door we are blessed with a magnificent, breath-taking view of the Chilhowee Mountains and then the Great Smoky Mountain range beyond. With the views, we appropriately call our place Moon Ridge Farm. My parents moved here when I was less than a year old. That was over 60 years ago! We have now been back on the family farm for about 20 years.

   My wife and I are engineers who have off-farm jobs to support our farming habit. We began the challenge of raising meat goats about 20 years ago. In good years, we derive about 5 percent of our income from goats which more than pays the feed and vet bills. Even though we have anywhere from 30 to 70 goats at any given time, we would probably  be classified goat hobbyists by serious goat farmers. Whatever the label, itís fun and it keeps us active.

   An even greater challenge has been the raising of 2 grandkids who were in our custody from the time they were 4 and 5 years old. They are now 21 and 22, and, for the most part, primarily on their own.  I suppose it was the grandchildren that prompted us to consider goats. We tried cattle and horses before goats, but really didnít have the land to support large animals plus their size frightened the grandkids and damaged our hilly land. Goats are the perfect farm animals for children to handle and manage. On many occasions, the grandkids have taken care of the feeding chore all by themselves.

   Our primary focus is on the Kiko goat that originated form New Zealand. This is a genetically superior meat goat with excellent maternal instincts, parasite resistance and hardiness. Additional information on the Kiko goat can be found at

   Feel free to call or email us to discuss anything about goats or a future order.



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